Terms of Payments for property purchases with BULGARIAN PROPERTIES

Please, read carefully the following terms of payments of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES. Important: All property prices, fees and commissions are fixed in Euros. Calculations in other currencies that appear on our website are only for your help and guidance. Convertion and payment in other currencies different from Euros is only possible if the property owners agree to fix the price in another currency and this is a subject to a specific calculation of the amount according to the current daily exchange rates of the Bulgarian banks to the Euro. All payments as per contracts with BULGARIAN PROPERTIES should only be made as follows: - By bank transfer directly to our company bank account. The beneficiary name is Bulgarian Properties Ltd., company ID number: 131 164 582, address: 19, Yakubitsa Str., Sofia 1164, Bulgaria. The exact bank account details will be given to you by our property agent, who is responsible for your deal. - By credit card. You should fill in a form for credit card payment authorisation, which is to be provided to you by our property agent, who is responsible for your deal. You should send the filled form by e-mail to payments@bulgarianproperties.com, fax to +359 2 868 11 05 or give it directly to our agents in one of our offices in Bulgaria. You will receive a receipt from the POS terminal for the transaction. NOTE: for every payment by credit card there is a bank charge of 1.5% which will be added on top of the amount you are paying. Please, ask your agent for an exact estimate. - In cash in any of our local offices in Bulgaria (please, see the full list of official offices of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES here). In these cases, you should receive a signed and stamped receipt from our local office. Please, note that according to the Bulgarian Law it is not always possible for us to accept cash payments. Our estate agent will be able to consult you for any particular case. Other ways of payment may be accepted after consultations with our Head Office in Sofia. Please, note that all bank charges for payments to BULGARIAN PROPERTIES should be covered by the clients and we should receive the exact needed amounts. For any questions concerning payments, please contact us by phone: +359 2 9 11 50 or e-mail. NOTE: Our partners and affiliates, which are not in our registered offices list, are not permitted to receive any payments on our behalf. All payments should be made directly to us by the means stated above. Additional information: All property prices are fixed in Euro. Calculations in other currencies are indicative and are provided only for your convenience. All purchases made through BULGARIAN PROPERTIES are always accompanied by legal contracts and receipts for all payments. Please, note that we communicate with our clients only through e-mails registered on our domain name BulgarianProperties.com, BulgarianProperties.ru, BulgarianProperties.bg. Any attempt to be contacted on our behalf by e-mail address registered on another domain name or asked to send money to a bank account not in our company name should be considered as a fraud attempt and you should contact our Head Office immediately. We cannot be held responsible for payments to third parties or contracts signed not with our company.